Post-arrival information


Your administrative duties

There are quite a few administrative tasks and processes you have to fulfil and undergo once you are here. In all cases, your assigned mentor student as well as the SCY officer, Anett DUDÁS will assist you in your tasks. In order to smoothly manage your administrative duties it is highly recommended to participate in the ORIENTATION MEETING because all relevant administrative as well as some academic issues – which you will face and which you have to manage during your stay - will be discussed and explained on this occasion. Arriving late, or staying away from the meeting should be avoided.


Date: (to be appointed later)

Place: Bd. A/4, I. floor, Room 149 (Senate Room)

Documents to bring along:

  • Passport
  • School Certificates
  • ID photos

Documents you will receive:

  • Document confirming your student status
  • Residence Permit application form (to complete)
  • Accommodation reporting sheet (to complete)
  • Insurance Card application form (to complete)
  • Authorization Document (to complete)

Documents you have to submit:

  • Document confirming your student status
  • Completed Residence Permit application form (inset)
  • Completed Address Card application form
  • Completed Health Insurance Card application form

During the Orientation day you will meet

  • the colleagues of the International relations Office (IRO) , who shall welcome you and inform you about the administrative and technical duties of the forthcoming days (in and outside the campus).
  • the mentor students as well as the mentor coordinator, who shall introduce their roles, and inform you about those issues in which they can make your stay at the university more comfortable.
  • your faculty coordinator, who will inform you about your academic duties.


Please note, that in all cases, your assigned mentor student as well as the SCY officers will assist you in implementing your administrative tasks by setting up appointments, accompanying you to the given office or helping you when language difficulty occurs.


1. Residence permit

When you arrive in Hungary you hold a VISA which is valid for 30 days. Soon after your arrival you shall apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Office (IO).  An appointment will be arranged for you and assistance will be given to you in this issue. You will be informed in an email about the steps to take.

The following documents are required to apply for a residence permit:

Documents Provider
Valid photo and entry VISA Provided by the student
1 ID photo Provided by the student
Residence permit application form Provided by the IRO on the Orientation Meeting - to be completed by the student
Documents confirming your student status Provided by the IRO on the Orientation Meeting
Accommodation reporting sheet Provided by the IRO, completed by the student, who has to have it stamped and signed by the hostel management


2. Health Insurance

As an SCY full-time student enrolled to the University of Miskolc, you are entitled to the benefits of the system of public health care provision in Hungary. The colleague of SRIR will arrange a Health Insurance Card for you. The insurance fee is covered by your SH  Scholarship.

Required documents:

  1. A completed application form for a Health Insurance Card 
  2. Passport and Residence Permit copies
  3. Authorization Document (completed)

Should any health problem arise during your stay, please visit the university general practitioner (ext. 14-93) or dentist (14-52) in Student Residence Hall E4, ground floor. Please, make sure that you take your Health Insurance Card with you. Holding a Hungarian Health Insurance Card you are entitled to its benefits free of charge.

Following a medical check-up the doctor will decide if you need special hospital Treatment, or not. If so, you will be given a warrant for further examination or hospitalisation.

3. Student card

Student cards entitle students to:

- 50 % discount on public transportation within Hungary,
- discounts at some local shops,
- cheaper fares with certain taxi companies,
- free or reduced entry to museums, libraries, art galleries and many more.

For further information please visit:

I. Temporary student card (a sheet of paper)

Temporary student cards (valid for 60 days) are issued to all international students free of charge at the University of Miskolc. You can pick it up during the Orientation Meeting and later it can be renewed as long as you do not hold the permanent student card.

II. Student card (a plastic card - permanent)

This card is issued by “Okmányiroda” (National Office for Legal Identification Documents). The IRO will organise an appointment and prepare the necessary documents for you. Mentor students will accompany you to the Office and will help you with the “Neptun system”. 

Required documents:

1. A document confirming your student status (provided by SRIR )
2. Passport and Residence Permit

At Okmányiroda, you will be given a NEK (Nemzeti Egységes Kártyarendszer) datasheet, which has a 16-character identification number in the upper right corner (NEK number). Also a photo is taken of you there.

You have to feed this 16-character-code into your NEPTUN account (without hyphens!) and transfer 1400 HUF through Neptun for the student card. Please do not forget to choose your address in your home country when you are starting the application for the student card on the Neptzun system! If you choose your address in Miskolc, the application is not going to be successful.

Once the plastic card is ready (it takes 60-90 days) you can pick it up at Okmányiroda (you will be informed electronically) and take it to the Registrar’s Office at the University of Miskolc (Building A/1, 20) to get a validating sticker on it. The permanent student card is valid only with the sticker of the current semester. Each sticker is valid for one semester only. The precondition for getting the validating sticker is to fulfil the registration requirements for the current semester.

III. International student card 

International student cards can be applied for at the Students’ Office of the University of Miskolc (Building A/1, 7.). Required documents:

1. Valid permanent student card

2. 2340 HUF cash

3. 1 ID photo

Or order it online:

Please visit this web-site for information on discounts and services.


4. Opening a bank account

During the first weeks of your stay in Hungary  you must open a Hungarian bank account. Mentor students will assist you in it. Why do you need a Hungarian bank account?

  • Your monthly stipend will be transferred to this account by the University of Miskolc,
  • You can easily transfer money from this account to your NEPTUN account, 
  • It is much cheaper to withdraw money from an ATM - most banks in Hungary even offer 2 or 3 cash withdrawal  free of charge,
  • The cost of having a Hungarian account is approx. 2 euros/month,
  • Using your card for shopping is free of charge in Hungary.

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Hungarian Address Card


5. Tax ID number 

All SH students need a Hungarian Tax ID number. Please note that you do NOT have to pay tax on your stipend in Hungary; but by law the university cannot transfer your stipend to your bank account unless you have a tax ID number.

Obtaining a Tax ID number in Hungary is a very easy process and it is free of charge.

Required documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Residence permit
  3. Hungarian Address Card
  4. Tax ID number Application Form (SIRI will fill it in for you)

In an e-mail you will be asked to visit the SCY officers (Office 106 and 105. Building A/4, the University of Miskolc) to sign the completed TAX ID Form and to hand in the above listed documents. The rest is arranged by the colleague of SRIR. It takes about 2 weeks for the Authority to issue the document and to post it to you.