Assistance - General guidance and coaching


Mentor system


The Secretariat of the Vice-rector for Research and International Relations – International Relations Office (IRO) is committed to supporting its undergraduate and graduate international students through the various stages of their integration into the academic life of the University of Miskolc by operating a mentor system. Mentors, who are made up of the students of the University of Miskolc provide foreign students with guidance and academic coaching throughout their stay in Miskolc. The system is coordinated by IRO with the help of a Mentor Coordinator: 

Mr László BUSLIG

Mentor Coordinator

Mentors provide support for International students as follows:


Pre-arrival Support

Mentors begin their assignments before the start of the term, offering support to incoming international students prior to their arrival in Miskolc. During this pre-arrival stage, mentors adopt the role of a pen-pal, connecting with their mentees primarily by e-mail. Mentors become the first point of contact for their mentees in answering important questions about student life, including, but not limited to information about Miskolc and the CAMPUS while easing the anxiety that new students experience when preparing for their move. 


Arrival Support 

Mentors assist the arrival of international students in Miskolc, either by meeting the student at the airport/railway station or by receiving the students in the Residence Hall at the CAMPUS in Miskolc.  The actual form of assistance is agreed individually.  All mentors meet their mentees on their arrival in Hungary and ensure that the foreign students participate and take advantage of the orientation week programs. Mentors are instrumental in helping new students navigate any challenges experienced during the first weeks of the semester, and ensure that their mentees feel welcome as members of the University. Mentors guide their students in making social connections and recognizing key support services. 


Ongoing Support

Mentors provide academic, social and cultural support throughout the year to their mentees by a regular follow-up. This ongoing support is offered in the form of : 

Academic Coaching – Mentors help their students to find their way in the CAMPUS and navigate them in their academic administrative duties (Deans’ Office, Neptun, meeting and contacting lecturers if needed)

Administrative Coaching  – primarily  during the first month of the semester  (in the form of seeing the mentees to the different offices and helping them when language difficulty occurs)  in the following cases: 

All official documents related to administrative duties of students are prepared as well as appointments are set a priori by the colleagues of the IRO.